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Western Music: Library Collections

A guide created for Western Music History I (MUSI 185 01).

Searching the Library Catalog

The four most common ways to search the Library's online catalog are by Author, Title, Subject, and Advanced Keyword.

Search for authors of plays, poems, and books. Keep in mind an author can also be a composer or an artist/photographer.

Examples: Gershwin, George

Search for titles of journals, newspapers, books, plays, videos, and more. Do not search for titles of articles within journals, magazines, or newspapers.

Examples: Art in America, 1776

Search for subjects such as a person's name, an art-form, or a school of criticism. Subjects vary widely.

Examples: Sousa, John Philip , Musicals

Keyword searching is a more flexible way of searching.

Try a keyword search for your topic word, but keep it simple - just a word or two. Results of a keyword search for musical and history. When keyword searching, you can also limit your search by language, material type, or location in the library.

Reference Books

Subject Guide

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