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Gift Policy

In addition to monetary gifts the library welcomes gifts-in-kind in a variety of formats, including books, archival materials, manuscripts, media items such as DVDs, and art objects. Gifts are subject to the same policies and procedures as purchased items, and the library retains the right to accept or decline any gift. In general, gifts are accepted when they support the educational and research needs of the students and faculty, enhance the library environment, or build upon existing Bortz Library collection strengths. The Director of the Library will co-ordinate with the Director and Curator of the Atkinson Museum in determining the appropriate disposition of gifts.

Whenever possible, gifts are previewed for suitability before being accepted. The Director of the Library will collaborate with the Office of Institutional Advancement on the solicitation and acceptance of gifts. At the time of donation, the donor will be asked to complete and sign a gift information form transferring ownership and acknowledging the library’s role and rights in the disposition of the gifts. Printed copies of the form are available at the circulation desk. Inquiries concerning gifts should be communicated to the Director prior to the actual transport of materials to the Bortz Library. It is also the responsibility of the donor to provide a list of the items donated. Once a gift has been accepted it becomes the property of the Library and may be added to the collection, sold or discarded as deemed appropriate by the Library Director. If the Director intends to sell or discard gifts, he or she will co-ordinate such disposition with the Office of Institutional Advancement and/or the Business Office.

Gifts may qualify as legitimate deductions for tax purposes. However, the College is considered to be an interested party, and we cannot provide or pay for appraisals. Donors are responsible for any appraisal expenses and must comply with all IRS regulations in force before delivery of gifts or donations. The acceptance of a gift which has been appraised by the donor or a third party in no way implies endorsement of the appraisal by the library.

Gifts are acknowledged by letter and also by inclusion of a bookplate or other label when appropriate. If the donation is to be used for tax purposes the donor should keep a record of the gift for documentation.

October 2011