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Interlibrary Loan

Do you need to borrow a book from another library? With Interlibrary Loan, it is possible to borrow books, articles, DVDs, and more (all free of charge)! 

Hampden-Sydney patrons can find materials held by other libraries by searching through WorldCat - a global catalog of library collections. Requests can be placed directly from the WorldCat search results. Enter your search terms in the WorldCat search box below to get started! 

Who May Use ILL?

ILL services are available to current HSC students, faculty, staff, and administration. A valid HSC email address is required to access the ILL software. 

Delivery Time

Please allow at least 3 to 5 business days to receive materials. Delivery times vary depending on the rarity of the requested material, the timeliness of hte lending library, and the distance material are traveling through the postal system. While Bortz Library always strives to find the quickest methods to obtain materials, there are no guarantees of an exact arrival date. Electronic materials are typically the fastest to arrive.


There is no charge for using ILL services, but please remember that patrons may be charged replacement costs for any lost or damaged ILL items. Replacement costs are set by the lending institution, and may be higher than the replacement costs that Bortz Library charges.


When your loan materials arrive, you will be notified via your HSC email. All physical ILL items can be picked up at the library's main Circulation Desk. Electronic articles will be available in the Tipasa software, and a link to access the article will be included in your notification email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact with questions about ILL services?

ILL questions can also be directed to the Library Assistant for Interlibrary Loan, Max Folz, at or (434) 223-6192. 

How much does it cost to use ILL services and borrow materials from other libraries? 

ILL services are free for all HSC Students, faculty, and staff. It is rare for ILL materials to have extra costs associated with them for lending services. However, in the event that borrowing an item from another library does have additional costs associated with it, Bortz Library will notify the requesting patron to discuss the request and payment options.

How long can I check out ILL books and other materials?

The typical ILL check out period for most institutions is 8 weeks. However, the checkout period for ILL materials is set by the lending institution, and it may vary depending on the type of materials being borrowed. Always check the paper slip on the front of your ILL item(s) to see the due date.  

Can I renew my ILL materials?

Sometimes - most institutions allow at least one renewal, but some institutions do not, or they may only allow renewals for certain materials. Renewal requests should be made through the Tipasa software. 

What happens if I lose my ILL materials? 

You will be required to pay replacement costs for any lost ILL items just as you would pay for lost items borrowed from Bortz Library. Please keep in mind that the replacement costs for ILL items are set by the lending institution and they may be higher than Bortz Library's replacement costs. 

How many ILL items can I have checked out at once? 

Bortz Library allow patrons to submit up to 40 active requests at a time. If you have reached this limit, you will not be allowed to submit more requests. Please note: this limit request only applies to print materials, it does not apply to electronic materials.

How do I access electronic articles that I've requested through ILL?

Electronic articles borrowed through ILL will be made available online through the Tipasa software. Patrons will receive an email when their ILL material(s) are available to view online, with a link to log in to their Tipasa account to view the articles. 

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Tipasa Software

Tipasa is the software that Bortz Library uses to request items from another library. Every Hampden-Sydney student automatically has a Tipasa account created for them upon matriculating as a freshman. To log in to Tipasa, click on the link below and log in with your standard H-SC email username and password. If you have trouble logging in or have questions about your account, please contact the library.

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