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The New York Times - Site License & Archive


The TimesMachine provides Digital and Home Delivery subscribers with searchable and browsable page scans of every issue of the New York Times from 1851 - 2002. Articles from 1851 - 1980 are also available as PDF downloads. Users may download up to 100 PDFs per month. 

In order to access TimesMachine articles, users will need to be logged in to their New York Times account. Clicking on the TimesMachine link below will not automatically log you in to your account. 

All current Hampden-Sydney students, faculty, and staff have access to the TimesMachine through the library's site license subscription. To access articles from the TimesMachine, please first create an account using our site license, and then be sure that you are logged in to your New York Times Account when searching the TimesMachine. 

Search Tips

Subscribers can search for articles using both keywords (user-generated) or indexing terms (indexing terms are suggested as you start typing in the search bar): 

Specify the date range of your search by selecting the Change Dates button under the search bar.

Once you have run the search and see results, you can sort the search results by relevance, oldest, or newest: 


Search Results

Once you have selected an article from the search results page, a panel will appear on the left-hand side of the screen under "Index." This is where you can view more information about the article, sharing options, and more.

If you are viewing an issue of the paper in its entirety, this is also where you can view the indexing terms assigned to that issue (see screenshot to the left). Selecting one of the indexing terms will show you all of the articles that term was assigned to.