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The New York Times - Site License & Archive

Troubleshooting Tips

Q: I'm having trouble logging in and accessing my account - who do I contact? 

You can always contact Bortz Library staff if you have questions about your NYT site license subscription.

However, Bortz Library staff can only assist with account creation and renewals; we cannot manage individual New York Times accounts for our community members. If you have additional questions or problems with your account, you should send an email to

Q: How do I switch from a personal subscription to the site license subscription? 

You will need to cancel your personal subscription and create a new account using the library's site license link. You can cancel your subscription in several ways: 

If you have additional questions or problems with your account, you can also send an email to


Q: Do I need to be on campus to activate my account? 

Yes, account registration through the library's site license must be done from an on-campus network.

Q: Can I access the New York Times from off campus? 

Yes. Once you have activated your account from an on-campus location, you can then access all NYT content from any location. 

Q: How long will my access to the New York Times last? 

Your site license access will be available as long as you are an employee or student at Hampden-Sydney. However, your account will need to be renewed each calendar year. 

Q: Can I use my site license for unlimited access on my smart phone or tablet? 

Yes; you can access the New York Times website and mobile site on any device. You can additionally log in to your account on the New York Times mobile app. 

Q: What is included in my site license subscription?

Your site license includes basic access to News, NYT Cooking, and Wirecutter.