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Union Presbyterian Seminary Cemetery at Hampden-Sydney College

A guide describing the seminary cemetery on the campus of Hampden-Sydney College.


Name Inscription
Armstrong, Isaac Pancake Isaac Pancake Armstrong. Born April 16th 1842, died August 22nd 1862. A believer in Jesus Christ. Sacrified his life in defending Virginia against a ruthless invasion. Gaines' Mill. July 27, 1862.
Baskervill, Alice Merle Sampson Alice M Sampson, wife of Chas. Baskervill…
Baskervill, Elizabeth  Elizabeth Baskervill. Dec. 23, 1882. June 18, 1957
Baskervill, Lulie  Lulie D. Baskervill. Jan ?, 1871. Nov 12, 1915. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God
Baskervill, Mary Weir Mann  Baskervill. Thornton Sampson July 27, 1878 - May 5, 1954. Mary Weir Mann July 8, 1878 - July 24, 1947
Baskervill, Thornton Sampson  Baskervill. Thornton Sampson July 27, 1878 - May 5, 1954. Mary Weir Mann July 8, 1878 - July 24, 1947
Baxter, D.D., Rev. George A  George A. Baxter, D.D. elected Professor of Christian Theology in Union Seminary A.D. 1831. Born June, 1772; died April 24, 1841. Aged 68 years. Endowed with genius by nature, with grace by the Holy Spirit; a profound theologian and able professor. He had the charity of a Christian, and expemplified the gospel by his life. Back of monument, in Latin: Hic jacent reliquiae mortales Georgii A. Baxter, Theol. Chris. Prof. in Schol. Theo. hic locata. Nat. June, 1772, Ob. 8 cal. Mar., 1841. Ingenii nitore illustris, Theologicus perspicax. profundus rerum literariarum peritus pietate erga Deum perquam celebris.
Bear, Jr., Rev. James Edwin  Rev. James Edwin Bear, D.D. Jan. 17, 1893 - Feb. 11, 1977. Margaret White Bear. June 15, 1893 - May 23, 1989.
Bear, Margaret Irvine White Rev. James Edwin Bear, D.D. Jan. 17, 1893 - Feb. 11, 1977. Margaret White Bear. June 15, 1893 - May 23, 1989.
Booker, Edward Elliott Edward Elliott Booker. March 27, 1882 - November 26, 1911
Booker, Helen Helen Booker. March 7, 1879 - December 8, 1960.
Booker, James Edward  Rev. James Edward Booker, D.D. Son of John and Lucilla Elliott Booker. February 9, 1850 - March 19, 1940.
Booker, Sarah Bannister Peck Sarah Bannister Peck Wife of Rev. James Edward Booker. July 29, 1853 - February 23, 1928
Bright, Carrie Lena  (Bright family headstone) Carrie Lena Bright. 1913 - 1985
Bright, John (Bright family headstone) John Bright. 1908 - 1995
Brimm, Henry Muller Brimm. Henry Muller February 3, 1898 - August 1, 1984. Josephine Craven June 4, 1901- September 7, 1987
Brimm, Josephine Case Craven  
Caruthers, Mary Virginia Asleep in Jesus
Dabney, D.D., Rev. Robert L. Robert Louis Dabney, M.A., D.D., LL.D., born 5th March, 1820; died 3rd January, 1898. Minister of the Gospel, Professor of Theology in Union Seminary and of Philosophy in the University of Texas; Major in the Confederate Army and Chief of Staff to Stonewall Jackson. Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. In unshaken loyalty of devotion to his friends, his country and his religion, firm in misfortune, ever active in earnest endeavor, he labored all his life for what he loved with a faith in good causes that was one with his faith in God.
Dabney, James Morrison  James Morrison Dabney. Born April 1, 1850. Died Nov. 12, 1855
Dabney, Jr., Robert Lewis   
Dabney, Mrs. Robert L. (Margaret Lavinia Morrison) Margaret Lavinia Morrison, wife of Robert Lewis Dabney. October 11, 1828; March 30, 1908. Her children arise up and call her blessed, her husband also, and he praiseth her.
Dabney, Thomas Price  In Memory Of Thomas Price Dabney Son of ? Dabney Born Sept 3rd 1857 Died Sept 28th 1862
Dawe, Rev. Donald Gilbert In God's house are many dwelling places. John 14:2. Reverend Donald Gilbert Dawe, TH.D. July 12, 1926 - June 4, 2012. Nancy Jane Simons Dawe July 27, 1935 - 
Duncan, Mary  Mary Duncan Born Sept. 9, 1807. Died Feb. 9, 1888.
Eggleston, II, Dr. Joseph Dupuy  Joseph Dupuy Eggleston II. November 13, 1867 - March 13, 1953.
Eggleston, III, Joseph Dupuy Joseph Dupuy Eggleston III, October 11, 1903 - June 1, 1949.
Eggleston, Julia Johnson  Julia Johnson, wife of Joseph Dupuy Eggleston II, December 6, 1866 - December 8, 1960.
Gammon, Bessie Cochran (Gammon family headstone) Bessie Cochran Gammon. November 6, 1886 - March 15, 1971
Gammon, Edgar Graham (Gammon family headstone) Edgar Graham Gammon September 10, 1884 - May 9, 1962
Gilmer, Betty Winston (Gilmer family headstone) Betty Winston Gilmer Aug. 23, 1903 - Nov. 1?, 1993
Gilmer, Thomas Edward   
Graham, D.D., Rev. Samuel Lyle In memory of Samuel Lyle Graham, D.D., who was born February 9, 1794, and died October 29, 1854. He was during thirteen years a Professor in Union Theological Seminary. Holding fast the faithful word as he had been taught that he might be able by sound doctrine both to exhort and to convince.
Graham, Judith Watkins  In memory of Judith Watkins Graham Daughter of Prof. Sam. L. Graham of Union Theol Seminary Born Feb 20, 1832 Died July 25, 1854. Quote ?
Hobbie, Francis Wellford  (Hobbie family headstone) Francis Wellford Hobbie Jan. 22, 1922 - Nov. 28, 1985
Hobbie, Jean Maxwell  (Hobbie family headstone) Jean Maxwell Hobbie Sept. 29, 1921 - Feb. 15, 2011
Hogue, Addison  Addison Hogue Aug. 29, 1849 - Aug. 9, 1942. He saved me He can save anybody else
Hogue, Emily Michaux Smith  Emily M. Hogue wife of Professor Addison Hogue and daughter of Rev. Dr. B.M. Smith and his wife Mary Morrison. Nov. 24, 1849 - Jan. 20, 1927. Father, in thy gracious keeping leave we now thy servant sleeping.
Lacy, Emma White  (Lacy family headstone) Emma White Lacy. 1898 - 1947
Lacy, Jr., Benjamin Rice (Lacy family headstone) Benjamin Rice Lacy, Jr. 1886 - 1981
Latimer, D.D., Rev. James Fair Rev. James Fair Latimer, D.D., Scholar, Teacher, and Man of God. October 7, 1845; February 29, 1892. Confederate soldier 1861-1865. Professor in Davidson College 1872-83. Pastor of Second Presbyterian Church, Memphis, Tenn., 1883-84. Professor of Ecclesiastical History and Polity in Union Theological Seminary 1884-92. This monument is erected by pupils and friends who knew him and loved him.
Mosby, Stockton T.  Stockton T. Mosby. Born in Lynchburg ? Dec. ?, 1863. Died at Union Theo. Seminary Sep. 24, 1886. He walked with God and he was not for God took him.
Norfleet, Jr., Marmaduke Williams  Marmaduke Williams Norfleet, Jr. "Duke" March 12, 1910 - November 19, 1968
Norfleet, Mary Winston Crocket  Mary Winston Crockett Norfleet. November 21, 1919 - July 29, 1999
Packer, Sophie Booker  Sophie Booker Packer. July 11, 1891 - September 5, 1982
Peck, D.D., Rev. Thomas Ephraim In memory of Thomas Ephraim Peck, born in Columbia, S.C., January 29, 1882. A servant of God from his 18th year. Pastor in Baltimore, Md., 1846-1860. Professor in Union Theological Seminary 1860 to 1893. Fell asleep in Jesus at Hampden-Sidney, Va., October 2, 1893. His body still united to Christ rests in the grave till the resurrection.
Peck, Georgiana C.  Georgiana C. Peck, Born Sept. 6, 1863, Died July 18, 1891.
Peck, Mary Hay  Mary Hay. Daughter of Thomas E. & Ellen C. Peck. Born Oct. 3, 1861, Died June 4, 1862
Peck, Mrs. Sarah Bannister Park Sarah B. Peck, born May 2, 1803; died February 7, 1895. Thou shalt come to thy grave in a full age like as a shock of corn cometh in his season.
Peck, Mrs. Thomas E. (Ellen Church Richardson Peck) Ellen Richardson Peck, January 14, 1821; January 19, 1909. An honored life, a peaceful end, and heaven to crown it all. On third side of monument: And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth yea sayeth the Spirit, they rest from their labours; and their works do follow them. Rev. 14:13
Pugh, Sarah Mrs. Sarah E. Pugh. Born Mar. 5, 1831. Died May 24, 1855. Her memory is blessed.
Reveley, II, Walter Taylor Walter Taylor Reveley, II; Capt US Army; World War II; February 11, 1917 - December 30, 1992. Marie Gary Eason Reveley; March 27, 1919 - April 21, 2006. Married August 20, 1941. Son of Robert Jennings Reveley and Marguerite Emily Grayson. Daughter of Thomas Dotterer Eason, II and Carrie Christian Rennie. Faith, Hope, and Love, but the greatest of these is love. 
Rice, D.D., Rev. John Holt John Holt Rice, First Professor of Christian Theology in Union Theological Seminary, was born in the county of Bedford on the 28th of November, 1777, and died on the 3rd of Septemeber, 1831. To his memory this stone is reaised by her whom he loved.
Rice, Mrs. John Holt (Anne Smith Morton Rice) Annie Smith Rice, widow of Rev. John H. Rice, D.D. born January 20, 1785; married July 9, 1802; died March 5, 1867. A helpmeet for her husband in all his arduous labors. Prov. XXXI: 30.
Rice, Rev. Benjamin Holt To the memory of Rev. Benj. H. Rice, D.D. Pastor of College Church ?. Born Nov. 27th, 1782. Died Jan. 17, 1856. This humble tribute of affectionate regard is erected by the members of his church. 
Sampson, D.D., Rev. Francis S.  Sacred to the memory of F.S. Sampson, D.D., Professor of Oriental Literature in the Union Theological Seminary, Prince Edward County, Virginia. Born November, 1814; died April, 1854. And Enoch walked with God, and he was not for God took him. Gen. 5:24.

Sampson, Mrs. F.S. (Caroline Susan Dudley)

afterwards Mrs. F.B. Watkins

In memory of our Mother, Caroline Susan Dudley, born September 29, 1821; married September 29, 1840, F. S. Sampson, D.D.; June 15, 1857, F.B. Watkins, M.D.; died May 27, 1886. Her children shall rise up and call her blessed.
Smith, D.D., Rev. B.M. (Benjamin Mosby)  Benjamin Mosby Smith, D.D., born June 30, 1811, at Montrose, Powhatan Couny, Va.; died March 14, 1893, in Petersburg, Va. Pastor at Danville, Va., 1838-1840; Tinkling Spring and Waynesboro, 1840-45; Staunton, 1845-54. Professor of Oriental Languages for 38 years in Union Theological Seminary. Emeritus Professor five years. The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise. In the sweet bye and bye We shall meet on that beautiful shore. 
Smith, Mrs. B.M. (Mary Moore Morrison) Mary Morrison, wife of Rev. B.M. Smith, D.D. September 3, 1821; September 17, 1903. Them also that are fallen asleep in Jesus will God bring with him.
Thompson, Ernest Trice (Thompson family headstone) Ernest Trice Thompson. July 2, 1894 - March 29, 1985
Thompson, Helen Marr Beall (Thompson family headstone) Helen Beall Thompson. July 29, 1895 - Dec. 23, 1962.
Trotti, John Boone Trotti. John Boone Dec. 11, 1935 - Jan. 29, 2013. Joan Thompson June 4, 1935 - . "We are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses." Hebrews 12:1
Watkins, Dr. Francis Benjamin In memory of the Beloved Physician Dr. Francis Benjamin Watkins. Born August 1, 1815 Died August 3, 1884. O Lord of hosts, blessed is the man who trusteth in thee.
Wilson, D.D., Rev. Samuel B. S.B. Wilson, D.D., Professor of Theology 28 years in U.T. Seminary, Pr. Ed. Co., Va. Born March 17, 1783; died August 1, 1869.
Wilson, Mrs. Samuel B. (Elizabeth Hanna) Elizabeth, wife of S. B. Wilson, D.D. Born March 25, 1783; died December 29, 1852. Those who knew her best loved her most.